Why Women do eyelash extensions?


Beauty can be enhanced by the use of different add-ons, and most women have found eyelash extension viable towards improving their looks. Eyelash extension refers those materials which are used by women to increase the length, thickness, fullness, and color of their natural eyelashes. Choose your eyelash extensions supplies wisely.

These extensions for eyelash which has taken its time over the years to become one of the hottest accessories in the fashion industry. Today they are made from different materials. The lengths of eyelash extension are mostly between the ranges of 6mm (for short ones) to 17mm (for long ones).
As stated earlier, the primary function of the eyelash extension is to increase some of the qualities where the natural eyelashes fall short. Even though the false eyelash worn by women share the same function as the eyelash extension, however, they are not the same as they differ in a lot of ways.

It takes approximately two to three hours to fix a full set of eyelash extension. And they can be fixed by carefully applying them one by one to avoid sticking together and making use of a particular type of glue, which is semi-permanent and formulated with a particular care so as not to irritate or damage the eye or the natural lash.

Some notable reasons why women make use of eyelash extension

Aside from the primary reason of enhancing the features and qualities of the natural eyelash, these eyelash extensions are worn by women for several other reasons depending on the individual, but listed below are a few reasons why average women who use eyelash extension go for it.

Eyelash extensions


Increase length and volume

Women realize how important the eyelash is to their overall face beauty so as a result of keeping up with the beautiful face, a vast majority of them resolve to the addition of eyelash extension to add thickness, fullness and bring out the color (mostly dark) of their natural eyelash. In enhancing their natural eyelash, women have the option to either choose an entirely different look or stick to the one that is more natural.

For youthful look

For aged women who still desire that youthful and impressive look do opt for an eyelash extension to bring that desire to reality. Whether it is the long and thick extension or short and thick extension, once applied, they have a way of lengthening your natural lashes and giving you that youthful look and extra brightness.

Time saving

Makeup has become part of the daily activities of women as they always try to bring out the best in the face. However, a lot of women don’t have the time, and the patience required always to apply fake eyelashes or make use of eyelash curlers each morning, so as a result, they resolve to do eyelash extension which does not require extra time each day to lengthen or darken. With eyelash extension taking only two to three hours to fix and can be maintained and carry for like a year with just a few touches once in about three weeks, it does save a lot of time and also serves economic purposes.

No harm to their natural eyelashes

Unlike most eyelash enhancement materials, women chose to go for eyelash extension because it is safe to use and do not cause any form of damage to their natural eyelash when applied carefully and correctly. All they have to do is just ensure that they do not rub their eyes or pull the extension once fixed, as such action can cause a loss to the eyelash extension and also to the natural lashes.

Freedom of living

When most women apply false eyelash and mascara, they often lose the freedom of living their lives as they could normally have done. They often have challenges sleeping peacefully, swimming freely, sitting in hot tub, etc., but with eyelash extension, they have the freedom to do those things which they could normally do like the things mentioned above and more. Even though they are strongly advised to stay out of water for 12 to 24 hours after application of the extension because of the glue but once they glue is strong, they are as free as the air.